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P15 Boom Vang System - $95.00
P15 CDI Roller Furler with FlexiForestay - $599.95

Custom length flexi-forestay for the P15; This specialized package for contains the furling barrel, flexible forestay, internal forestay, turnbuckle and forestay shackle. It also includes the fairleads, turning block and cleat to lead the furling line into the cockpit!

P15 End of Boom Sheeting System - $224.95

Modification for P15s built before 2005 to the end of boom sheeting arrangement.

P15 Jib, Lapper, Genoa Halyard - $35.95

Replacement Line for P15 Jib, Lapper, or Genoa

P15 Jib/Lapper Downhaul System - $45.00
P15 Lapper Sheet - $51.25

Replacement Line for P15 Lapper Sheet

P15 Main Halyard - $49.95

Replacement Line for the P15 Main Halyard System

34 feet in length, braided & cored rope. New England Ropes, charged by the foot $1.43

P15 Main Sheet - $48.50

Replacement Line for P15 Main Sail

P15 Single Handers Package - $225.00
P15 Tiller Tamer - $34.95

At any time please feel free to call with questions or to place an order via phone at 800 433 4080

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