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P19 Brackets for Tiller Handle - $49.00

Tiller brackets, SS 3/16" thick X 1.5" tall X 9" long, three holes. Will fit all the WWP15 and 19 boats that have either a IdaSailor or Rudder Craft rudder built after 2005.

P19 Composite Rudder with Tiller Handle - $599.95

The most advanced rudder of its kind! Our Unifoil Kick-up Rudder offers tremendous advantages in handling and performance. Your sailboat will now have a tame helm, you will look forward to sailing upwind with reduced helm effort and better pointing. The all-stainless electropolished rudder head is immensely strong and torsionally rigid, with perfect balance and feedback for the helmsman. The Unifoil kick-up rudder also features our "one-line" uphaul/downhaul system, which will raise or lower the rudder with one pull!

P19 Gudgeon with Hardware (each) - $21.95
P19 Tiller Handle - No Brackets - $109.99

World-class laminated tiller for your West Wight Potter Sailboat. Our tillers are built in-house from top quality wood selected for its strength and beauty. Eight strips of laminated African mahogany and white ash are glued in our proprietary molds to produce the finest quality tillers! They arrive ready for varnish, unless you request it varnished (additional $20) or epoxy coated and varnished (extra $59).

At any time please feel free to call with questions or to place an order via phone at 800 433 4080

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