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P19 Baby Stay Adjuster - $17.00
P19 Baby Stay Kit - $249.95

P19 Baby Stay Kit with u-bolts and turnbuckles!

P19 Backstay Kit - $399.95
P19 Chainplate - $45.00
P19 Forestay Wire - $89.95

For boats 2004-Present, you will receieve the standard length P19 Forestay.


For Boats Pre-2001, Please e-mail dylan@wwpotter.com with the length of your current forestay (referencing your order number at checkout) as older boats have a different lengths.


This forestay comes ready-to-use with a new turnbuckle.

P19 Lower Shroud Wire (each) - $25.00

Please call in this order with the length of your current shrouds as older boats have a different length.

P19 Mast Tang - $10.00
P19 Quick Release Forestay Adjuster - $59.95
P19 Stem Head Fitting - $22.00
P19 U-Bolt Chain Plate (each) - for Baby Stays - $16.00

At any time please feel free to call with questions or to place an order via phone at 800 433 4080

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