West Wight Potter



How much does the boat, motor, and trailer weigh?
What are the differences between a Baja trailer and a Standard trailer?
What do I have to do to prepare the boat for towing?
What size trailer hitch and ball do I need?
What vehicles are suitable for towing Potters?
Will a P15 or P19 fit in my garage?


Can I leave the boat unattended in the water with the keel up?
Can I rig and launch a Potter by myself?
Do I need winches to use the Genoa?
How can I rig my P19 for single-handed sailing?
How do I use the P19 keel winch?
How long does it take to launch and rig a P19?
How well does the P19 factory mast raising system work?
What are the baby-stays on the P19 for?


How can I improve my boat´s performance?
How fast are the Potters (maximum speed)?
How well do Potters sail in light air?

Heavy Weather Sailing

Can my boat capsize? How can I prevent that?
How "unsinkable" is the Potter?
How much wind can a Potter really take?
What angle of heel should I expect in heavy wind conditions?
What modifications should I make to improve the boat´s safety in heavy weather?
When should I reef?


Can I motor safely with the keel up?
Can I use an electric trolling motor?
How do I steer a Potter under power?
How fast will a Potter go under power?
What kind of standard motor mount is supplied with the boat?
What size outboard motor should I use?

Buying and Selling

Are Potters good "beginner" boats?
How do I go about buying a new boat? Is there a Potter dealer in my area?
How well does the direct-sales system work? All the non-Potter boaters I know bought their boats
Should I buy a P15 or a P19?
Where can I see a Potter before I place an order for a new boat?

Staying Aboard

Can a person really be comfortable staying on a boat as small as a Potter for any length of time?
Does the Potter cabin stay dry in the rain?
How usable is the porta-potti that comes with the P19 package, and what is its capacity?
How useable are the quarter berths on a P19?
Where can I keep a cooler aboard the P19?

General Questions

How do you transport the Potters?
How long will it take for delivery?
Should I put bottom paint on my boat? What kind?
What is a Jib Downhaul?
What is CDI Roller Furling?
What is the Jiffy Reefing System?
What is the premium lay-up (AKA the Blue Water Package)?

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