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By Gretchen Ricker

Born in 1954, Gretchen Ricker grew up riding horses in Palos Verdes Estates,
California. She developed a passion for story telling at an early age. Raised by
her grandmother after losing her mother to cancer at five years old, she built a
world of story around her life. "Fact or fiction?" her grandmother would ask
when Gretchen came up with a new tale.

In high school she trained horses at Portuguese Bend stables on the Palos
Verdes Peninsula and then went on to study Marine Biology at Cal Poly San Luis

Gretchen is now a licensed Real Estate Broker on the Central Coast of
California and lives with her husband, Dan and their "boat dog" Fred. They share
four great kids and three exceptional grandchildren. Dan and Gretchen enjoy
sailing, camping, and good friends.

Drawing from a diverse mix of life experience, she fills her stories with
color, passion, and humor.




by Dick Herman

They’re called the Freakin’ Old Guys, FOGs for short. Six geezers who love their small sailboats and cruise the Pacific Northwest for weeks at a time, enjoying the comradeship and sharing small adventures. It all turns serious when they pick up a fifteen-year-old juvenile delinquent, and becomes deadly when the Russian Mafia comes after one of them. The FOGs make a run for cover and hide in fog bank.

But when they emerge into an open sea, they are not anywhere near the Pacific Northwest and they’re missing a man. Six retired men, all from different backgrounds with different personalities and capabilities, find themselves catapulted into the wildest adventure of their lives – their own Odyssey packed with the excitement, monsters, mysterious women, and capricious gods who tormented Ulysses.

Their greatest enemy may be a demigoddess. She may also be their best ally.

The FOGs are in a strange time and a very strange place. They have to find their way home somehow.

They have a long, long way to go.




"Perhaps the most beloved commerically produced small boat in the world" - William Longyard "A Speck in the Sea"

"A gripping compendium of noteworthy small-boat voyages made over the centuries.  A great read!"

-John Harland, maritime historian and author of Seamanship in teh Age of Sail

Potter Passages in the Book




The True Story of the SMITH BROTHERS Adventurous Atlantic Crossing


The Pirates Log describes two foster children, Chanel and Peach n their journey to find a foreer family.  Captain Blood and Bobby invite them to  sail aboard their boat for an exciting summer of adventures, but will the children be forced to become pirates?


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