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potter-19.jpgIntroduced in 1971, the Potter 19 offers a spacious and comfortable interior combined with a safe, enjoyable, fun sailing experience. Under sail you will have the distinction of knowing you are the skipper of a beautifully finished cruiser with features generally found only in far larger and more expensive yachts. No comparable trailer cruiser offers greater stability, easier towing, or easier handling than your West Wight Potter 19. We offer the Potter 19 in money saving options packages which are complete with sails and trailer, and reflect genuine value. We also offer the ability to customize your Potter to have it built exactly as you want it and additional options can enhance the beauty or performance of your Potter. For interior pictures, please click on the gallery link above.

  • The Potter 19’s keel design retracts vertically into the hull. The fully retracting
    keel allows the Potter to be the only fully beachable cruiser her
    size – great for going ashore in remote areas.
  • The keel is raised and lowered by using a convenient winch, which is operated from the cockpit. This allows the skipper to adjust the keel position, without having to leave the helm
  • The Potter 19 has closed cell foam flotation, fore and aft, and is unsinkable.
  • Her high and dry self-bailing cockpit and great stability achieved by her hard chine are two of the Potter 19’s most impressive attributes.
  • Even in strong winds the Potter 19 does not heel excessively, and with the standard 'Lapper' sail, she becomes one of most responsive boats in her size.
  • The roomy interior features four sleeping berths while at the same time providing seating for up to five persons. Storage is extensive with compartments under each berth, a forward chain locker, storage under the sink and stove (to port and starboard), and handy seat back bins. Her carefully laid out design utilizes the full length of the boat.
  • With simple rigging, the Potter 19 is one of the quickest boats to rig and launch in her size. Most Potter 19s can be rigged and launched in 45 minutes or less with no special skill or strength. A mast-raising system allows for one-person rigging if desired.
  • Over-all length and height on the standard or Baja trailer allows the Potter 19 to be parked in a typical garage. The West Wight Potter 19 is a terrific boat for those long weekends! Enjoy trailering to new camping and recreational sights with all the comforts of a camper while being able, at a moment’s notice, to launch and sail away.

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