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P19 Centerboard Winch with Handle - $149.95
P19 Centerboard Wire (Spectra Replacement) - $42.00

Specialized amsteel wire to replace existing steel cables or aged amsteel.

NOTE: REQUIRED UPGRADE ITEMS FOR KEEL: Bail, Block and Center-Bolt. P19 Special Order Item: "P19 Keel Upgrade Kit w/ Spectra". $200.00

Orders without the upgrade attached WILL BE CANCELLED.

P19 Component Block - $17.25
P19 Harken Keel Block - $30.00

Blocks to run the keel through the quarter berth on the P19

P19 Hold Downs (each) - $17.50
P19 Keel Lifting Block - $23.00

At any time please feel free to call with questions or to place an order via phone at 800 433 4080

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